YMM at Trenches Community Church – Kalamazoo, MI

JamesHarrisjpegPastor Ted was very insightful and you could tell what he was teaching wasn’t a message he developed, but a life that he lives.

Our ministry was so impacted that we are currently doing a follow up teaching to let people know, “Their Ministry Matters.”  The bible talks about being a doer of the word and not a hearer only.

Since Pastor Ted taught at our church we are putting action behind the teaching to “plug” more people into ministry. Looking forward to our Ministry Fair this month and seeing more people walking in their gifting.

Thanks Pastor Ted for being used by God to impact our lives.

Pastor James Harris – Trenches Community Church – Kalamazoo, MI


ONE ACCORD is in the Book of Acts at least eleven times.  There is something to be learned there.  As “the” church, “the” Body of Christ, we are to act and function as one to the glory of God.

Let the one that sings learn to value and appreciate the sound of the choir more than his OWN than voice. 

There are not minor or lesser roles in the Body.  The same anointing that powers the preacher, powers the greeter, and powers the neighbor.  The Anointing’s Name is Christ.  We are His Body.  We, together are His representation and ministry to the world.

Rom 12:5  We, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.

Contact me at about the book YOUR MINISTRY MATTERS or about having this taught in your church (PastorTed@YourMinistryMatters.com).  Setting people free to SERVE in the ministry God’s given them.


Let me help.  I would be thrilled to help your church understand these truths.

This Blog contains the heart of the book… “Your Ministry Matters”. It’s now available. You can even read the first chapter on line free. It sets the heart in line with the Lord’s plan. Workmen can’t help but come forth from that place!

If you are interested or know someone who is, (or should be), pass along this link. It is a short 4 minute video introduction about the Ministry Of HELPERS in Scripture.


Write me… PastorTed@YourMinistryMatters.com


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